Radeon Race Team

Radeon Race Team

Radeon Cycle Coaching is proud to announce that it will be entering its first team into National events around the country organised by British Cycling.

This year sees the teams second year of action. This years team has grown nicely and now have 10 riders competing all over the South, South West and Wales, it’s going to be a great year with the team targeting the Cotswold League as a priority and again spreading the name of the team and the riders within it….. Roll on 2014 and the second year of the Radeon Revolution!

Team Members for 2014 are:

Stuart Gourley (Team Manager/Team Coach) 

I am aiming to run and coach the team to success this year, now in its second year. I am currently a Cat 4 Rider and am hoping to at least to make Cat 3 by the end of the Season. I really want to get a great team together that will work hard and will ride hard for each other. I want team success as well as individual. But I think I will take more pleasure in seeing a Team victory over my individual victory.

Liam Corrigan

Still fairly new to racing having missed practically all of last season due to injury. Looking to support the younger/fitter/more talented lads throughout this season and maybe even bag myself enough points to get a 3rd Cat licence in the process.
Hopes: Never to fall off ever again.
Fears: Falling off again.

Michael J Porter

Like most of the team this will be my Second season in road racing, previously I was a member of a triathlon club and I compete in other events. This is an exciting time for us and Radeon as we are all committed to racing with and for each other to get the best possible results for season and to move the team forward

Callum Craw

Callum Craw, 27, from Coventry but originally from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. Work in transmission development at Jaguar Land Rover and getting married in August!
Experience: British Triathlon Age Group Champs 2013. Competed in tri’s, TT’s, Crits, Sportives, half and full marathons since 2010.
Aims: qualify for Age Group Duathlon World Champs (not sure I want that in public to be honest). Make Cat 3! Perform well for team!Hopes: perform better in Road Races than in 2013 (not that that would be hard)
Fears: letting rest of team down!

Lewis Cox

Aged 21, been riding for around two years, I have big aims they are straight forward, to help my team mates win and offer them the support. Secondly become national hill climbing champion within the next five years, and work my way up through the Categories in racing and take me team name through with me.

Jamie Penton

Started racing for Radeon during the 2013 season which was also my first season racing bikes. A mixed season saw me gain valuable race experience and also enough points for 3rd cat status.

My aims for the 2014 season are to race hard for both myself and the team, I hope to target road races this year and winning one is the major goal for this season. I would also like to score regular points in local Crit races and achieve 2nd cat status before the season is out.

Ross Evans

Ross Evans heralds from Cardiff, and entered the season as a 4th Cat Rider in his frist season of racing. Ross has had a great start to his racing career and has progressed to 2nd Cat and is Radeons’ highest points scorer of last season! Lets see if he can pull it of Twice in a row??

Ben Strain

I’m Ben this will be my first season racing on the road. I am currently 16 so will be riding as a junior. I come from a mountain bike background and have been racing cross country and enduro for the past 2 years. This year I aim to be competitive on the hills- as these are my strength- and would also like to get in a few breakaways. Thought this season I hope to help the team pick up as many points as possible it would also be nice to get some of my own! I’m not worried about having a few falls but it would be nice not to break anything major- on my bike or my body- especially with my upcoming A level exams in May.

Paul Watson

This is Paul’s first introduction to racing and is looking forward to getting started. Paul has an awful lot of strength that is going to be put to good use drilling it on the front for the team and in breakaways. Phil is looking forward to testing himself in some TTs as well to capitalise on that high strength

Phil Hopley

This will be Phil’s second full season of racing, and is looking forward to building on what he learnt last season. Phil is getting married in April so is looking to start the season post honeymoon bring him onboard to help mount our challenge on the Cotswold League

Radeon Cycle Coaching run fortnightly training rides for Race Team with a view to having set group Coaching Sessions to aid group riding and individual Technique. Email stuartgourley@radeoncyclecoaching.com if you are interested

Radeon Race Youth – In Development and Recruiting

At Radeon we aim to develop a youth set up within the season to allow us to coach a team and enter a team in to competetive action using events organised through British Cyclings’ Go Ride, which is aimed at younger riders. More information can be found at:


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