About Radeon

How did we start??

Radeon Cycle Coaching was founded at the end of the 2012 season by Stuart Gourley a keen cyclist. Stuart came late to the sport but developed the bug quickly. Stuart enjoyed seeing an improvement in his riding over the year and was looking to move to the next level both competitively and thorough developing others.

Stuart  has completed the Level 2 British Cycling Coaching Qualification, Level 2 Road and Time Trial, Level 2 Cyclocross and is also completing Level 3 Road and Time Trial.

What are we about??

Radeon Cycle Coaching is being developed to deliver cycle coaching to all sorts of age ranges and skill levels whilst giving an option to develop a competitive edge through our Race Team and Race Team Youth. We aim to create a development structure that allows people to learn skills and drive self improvement though coaching and riding.

We are not a Cycle Club in the traditional sense. We are a coaching team with competetive branches running through it. We aim to be flexible in our approach to delivering this and not sticking to a rigid structure of when our rides and training rides happen throughout the week. We try to take a flexible approach and can vary our training times where needed to suit you and the goings on in your life. We appreciate that everybodys lives dont run to the same schedule as everybody else. We want to be flexible.

What are our Aims??

Core Purpose: To Train/Coach/Compete…….and have fun!

– Radeon aims are to develop a structure to enable people to progress as riders, whether this is as recreational rider or as a competitive rider.

– Radeon aims to develop Youth riders to enable people to progress as riders also

– Radeon aims to do all of the above and have fun enjoying the sport that we all love.

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